What is the POTEPEDIA?

PotePedia is a learning material system and educational tool supporting medical students of the UP Medical School.
A multilingual knowledge base that is constantly updated and in line with our current training order, a logical and information network that shows the connections between the disciplines.

For the first time in Hungarian medical education, the UP MS provides the opportunity to organize and make available to its students the many decades of educational experience and the best training materials in medical culture in one place, using modern tools and processing methods, from the day the students enter the School to the day they become a doctor.

Due to the enthusiastic collaboration of hundreds of instructors, and volunteer students under their guidance, we have put together a subject knowledge and a key thematic connection network to help study, understand and master the steps of becoming a doctor.

PotePedia is an excellent tool to help you understand how the disciplines are built on one another, have an easy yet deepened connection to the intellectual base gathered and continually improved on your campus.
By using it, we ensure your studies and development, which requires your determination, diligence, and interest only.

Get to know the work of our potepedists and immerse yourself in medicine to become what you would like to be – an excellent doctor from Pécs.

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Please note that using PotePedia is only possible with a valid UP MS student, instructor status.
If you have problems logging in, please let us know at the potepedia@aok.pte.hu e-mail address!