The implementation of M3D-Vision medical 3D imaging has begun

The developers of PotePedia have begun to develop an educational support system for medical operations monitored and supported by 3D technology.

PotePedia is a unique innovation in Hungarian medical training and it is at the same time the pursuit and response of education in Pécs to the constantly and acceleratingly changing knowledge of medicine.
Its establishment was inspired by the recognition that keeping the knowledge base up to date, its simple yet versatile accessibility and manageability serve both quality education and competitiveness.
The knowledge base can be accessed on smart devices any time and it is being kept up to date in a controlled manner, and an information network that manages the interoperability and connections of knowledge materials in a system is now available to our students, but PotePedia’s development ideas will soon make the tools of future medical practice available as well.

The development of M3D-Vision, which debuted as a start-up at the UP Medical School a few years ago, had a goal no less than establishing a real-time streamable, realistic 3D tracking and monitoring for external observers of medical interventions and laboratory processes that are difficult to follow in practice.
The presence and use of 3D technologies are integrated more and more effectively in the everyday life of many disciplines, but the development of M3D-Vision was among the first ones to allow us to follow a surgical operation live, as seen by the surgeon.

In PotePedia’s development plans, we plan to introduce several technological innovations, from methods to support individual learning to feedback systems that improve the effectiveness of education.
The use of the application of 3D imaging could not be left out of these either, so the everyday technology of the future will soon be present in the arenas of our new educational platform.

Of course, we are also striving to create the conditions that the equipment needs associated with its application, namely the availability of VR goggles, will not hinder any of our students from being able to use this new service.
In parallel with the developments, we have started to work on the idea that in our new campus, which will open this year, everyone will be able to access and use our 3D educational materials by creating so-called showrooms.

This way, our students can soon look into the future through PotePedia and we can prepare them to learn real medical situations and techniques through the virtual operating environment.

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