We are looking for volunteers for processing the learning materials of the fall semester

PotePedia is innovative in that it supports our students with its up-to-date knowledge base and modern form of use in order have easier access to the knowledge material of their subjects at any time of the day and at the same time follow the building process of the thematic information and relation network compiled by our lecturers for the sake of in-depth knowledge.
We are looking for volunteers for processing the learning materials of the fall semester

Moreover, PotePedia offers even more than that by giving the opportunity for a lecturer-student collaboration on a scientific platform.
If you feel like being part of the development in the field of your favourite subject or get to know how the most recent research results are being built into the training, you can increase your own knowledge by participating in keeping PotePedia up-to-date.

Volunteer as a PotePedist and we connect you with the lecturers of the certain research and subject fields and with their help you can build this intellectual campus together with us not only for your own good, but for the whole student community of medical training in Pécs.

You can offer your support and work voluntarily, but beside the honor of being a member in the everlasting register of PotePedia authors our Faculty wishes to express its gratitude in the form of a priority scholarship-support for your efforts in favour of the community beside your own studies.

Don’t hesitate, join us! Study, systematize and increase your knowledge together with us and act for the community so that PotePedia would primarily mean the up-to-date medical science for every medical student in Pécs.

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