We have opened the new editorial system for course directors

With the end of the PotePedia test phase, the education system of the Pécs Medical School has officially started its new chapter from 30 April 2020. Our course directors have been given the opportunity to upload and edit their existing educational materials using our new digital learning material editing and organizing software tool.
We have opened the new editorial system for course directors

What is going to change?

The biggest change for our education specialists is that the publication possibilities that have been used so far, but at the same time have a technologically scarce set of tools, are now being expanded with many elements and they are also available optimized for the so-called smart devices. Another significant change is that after uploading the learning materials, we are going to start building their network of connections, with the help of which our students can acquire more in-depth and complex knowledge.
Another advantage of PotePedia is that we can keep our edited subject knowledge up to date, as the necessary changes can be made in a short time and we can immediately publish them. With this we can avoid outdated information to be mixed in the preparation for the exams.

Availability and security

PotePedia is introducing a significant change in making our entire education database available to our students in one place. All lectures, notes, audio and video files will now be moved from our Institutes’ platforms reserved for this purpose to a cloud-based storage, thus facilitating the work of our instructors and the preparation of our students participating in the training. Perhaps we do not even have to say what significant improvement we are making with this convenience service, as the faster handling and interoperability of the knowledge found in one place is a qualitative leap with which we can increase the satisfaction of our students, and last but not least the assessment of the training at our School.
An important change, and a technological progress at the same time, is that PotePedia is a platform-independent solution for taking advantage of the diversity and usage practices of IT tools. Despite the access and learning habits that go hand in hand with increased mobility, we are able to provide the best and most versatile knowledge transfer possible in any situation.
Finally, it is important to emphasize that moving our entire training material to a practically unlimited and multi-secure storage and ensuring continuous access to it will also create a more reassuring and orderly environment for the course directors or the managers of the learning materials.

PotePedia includes all the innovative ideas and behaviour supporting the education that our School intends to represent in the future in connection with medical education in national and international professional forums and which is also the key to our competitiveness.

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